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Owning a luxury car is all about the experience. Your vehicle should be a joy to drive, from how it runs to how it looks and feels once you’re inside. Even the wheels should be customized to make you happy. Many luxury models can be upgraded and personalized to become an even better fit for your lifestyle.

Some car enthusiasts purchase luxury models because they already have everything they want. However, other car owners enjoy modding their vehicles one upgrade at a time. If you’re one of these hands-on enthusiasts, here are five clever ways to improve the interior of your luxury car.

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1.     Boost the Sound System

Driving a luxury car is a 360-degree experience that should involve multiple senses. High-quality sound is just as important as the look of your vehicle’s interior. Many luxury cars come with an excellent stereo and audio system. However, if sound is important to you, you may want to make additional upgrades.

You can start by replacing the factory stereo with a better model. Consider upgrading your speakers and adding a subwoofer to further amplify bass notes when you listen to music. Some people also install sound-deadening mats to eliminate road noise. With a full remodel, you’ll be able to hear your audio clearly despite road noise and feel it, too.

2.     Switch Interior Panels

Another way to improve your car’s interior is by upgrading the panels. Invest in custom carbon fiber pieces for a high-end look. Common places to add carbon fiber include the steering wheel, center console, and paneling along the doors and dashboard. You can also wrap interior panels with microfiber for a softer look.

Consider wrapping interior panels with special-order vinyl if you want something more personal. You can get this material in any color and personalize the print for maximum impact inside your vehicle. Make your interior panels look even better by adding LED lighting as trim or installing a starlight headliner on your vehicle’s interior roof.

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3.     Change the Seating

Changing the seats is one of the most impactful modifications you can make to your car’s interior. Some enthusiasts order completely new seating and have it fitted into their luxury vehicles to change the driving experience. Many prefer the look of race car seating to more traditional seats.

Another option is to paint your existing seats a new color. This is a relatively simple modification but has a huge impact on the overall look of your vehicle. Some car owners paint interior panels as well as the seats for a more expansive look.

4.     Replace Floor Mats

Custom floor mats will take your luxury vehicle to a whole new level. You can order rubber mats to fit your car so keeping your interior spotless is easy. However, some people go a step further and invest in custom diamond-stitched floor mats. Combine these mats with a set of new wheels for a truly luxurious look.

Although diamond-stitched floor mats are water-resistant and easy to clean, they look like the height of opulence. In addition to neutral options, you can order them in bright colors that make a strong statement inside your vehicle. Pair these mats with upgraded upholstery to create a stunning car interior.

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5.     Upgrade the Steering Wheel

Your steering wheel defines much of your driving experience. However, even luxury cars are sold with stock versions. Upgrading it is one of the fastest ways to enhance your personal experience as the vehicle’s driver. You can replace the entire wheel or wrap the existing one to improve its feel and appearance.

Choose a style and materials that accentuate the rest of your vehicle’s interior. For example, you may want to wrap your wheel with carbon fiber if you plan to use that material as an accent throughout your car. Colorful steering wheels can blend in or stand out, depending on what the interior looks like. Some options even have LEDs that light up to track your RPM speed.

Revisit the Interior

A sleek exterior and well-tuned engine are likely what first drew you to purchasing a luxury car. However, most of your time is spent inside driving the vehicle rather than outside admiring it. It’s worth making the interior as comfortable and stylish as possible. Every detail you invest adds up to create the full experience of driving an automobile of this stature.

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Author Bio: Oscar Collins is the founder and editor-in-chief at Modded, where he writes about cars, luxury topics and more. Follow him on Twitter @TModded for frequent updates!