Kuhl Racing Nissan GT-R | Black di Forza BM9-L | Savini Wheels

This Nissan GT-R is more than just a ride - it's a rolling piece of art on four wheels! Unveiled for the first time in the States at the 2015 SEMA Show, this neck-breaking GT-R by Kuhl Racing is unlike anything you've laid eyes on. And seriously, pictures don't do it justice - you definitely need to see thie beauty up close to really see it in all its glory . In fact, many people thought its elaborated engraved exterior and shiny metallic silver hue was a wrap, but it's actually handcarved details! The beast also sports a widebody kit, which includes widened front and rear fenders, as well as a swan neck GT wing for extra style. And to complement its aggressive stance and elegeant exterior, a set of limited edition Black di Forza BM9-L step lip concave Savini Wheels in a brushed finish were added. Only 25 sets of these forged Black di Forza wheels will be sold and each one will come with a certificte of authenticity and will be engraved with a special serial number. Check out our limited edition forged BM line here! Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(2) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(3) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(4) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(5) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(6) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(7) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(8) Savini-Black-di-Forza-BM9-L-brushed-with-chrome-step-lip-Kuhl-Nissan-GTR-by-V-(9)   Photography by V

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