BMW 335i | Black di Forza BM9 | Savini Wheels | Butler Tires & Wheels

Since 1975, the BMW 3 Series has been recognized as a sporty sedan. Now in its sixth generation, the 335i German stunner  combines dynamic design, agility and excellent everyday practicality, making it the most impressive version to date. Add in an M Sport package and you have the Ultimate Driving Machine! The special M Sport package further emphasizes the instantly recognizable characteristics of the 3 Series by adding a few enhancements like an aerodynamic kit, shadowily exterior trim, sport seats, M Sport suspension and steering wheel and more. But no dope ride would be complete without some Savini Wheels and this one flosses some 20x8.5"front and 20x10" rear Black di Forza BM9 wheels in a Double Dark Tint finish. Thanks to our boys at Butler Tires and Wheels for the fitment!  white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(2) white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(4) white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(5) white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(6) white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(7) white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(8) white-bmw-335i-savini-black-di-forza-bm9-brushed-double-dark-tint-(9)

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