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Impressive Wrap x LTMW BMW i8 | SV80 | Savini Wheels

The BMW i8 is as sleek as sports cars come. Ever since it was first introduced back in 2014, thei i8 has been making waves in the automotive industry. Customizers love it's bold exterior, while drivers appreacite its good looks and electric mobility. As the sports car of tomorrow, the BMW i8 will continue to be a well loved vehicle in the years to come as hybrids become the automotive of choice.
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Lamborghini Urus | SV-F2 | Savini Wheels | Impressive Wrap

There's no denying the allure of a Lamborghini. As one of the most sought after exotic automobile manufacturers, Lamborghinis are vehicles practically everyone dreams of owning one day. These machines are crafted with such care, quality and refinement that owning one provides a status symbol of good taste and wealth. While Lamborghini's exotic supercars will never go out of style, the auto manufacturer needed to keep up with the times and keep up with the competition when it came to providing a roomier SUV option. Several years in the making, Lamborghini finally released their highly anticipated Urus!
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