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Purist Winter Drive Event 2018 | Savini Wheels

The Purist Group  is a unique collection of people and a littledifferent from other car groups you may encounter on the Internet. Many of the members in the group are well-known drivers, journalist, tuners, car collectors and and overall car geeks. But alll are solid and respectful gear-heads. Each year, the group hosts various events and this year's Winter Drive event was held on Sunday, December 9th at the Industry Hills Expo Center. The event was a huge car show and charity event, with thousands of guests in attendance to support the toy drive. Savini Wheels had a booth that showcased a few rides, including a  Wald Rolls-Royce Wraith on 24" BM16D Forged Wheels, Lamborghini Huracan on SV67D in Brushed Champagne, and a new Lamborghini Urus on SVF2 Black w/ Double Dark Tint by Impressive Wrap. For GRID, there was a Fab Fours Jeep JL on GD9 in custom Camo w/ Black + milled, Bulletproof Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon on GD9 s and ATV racer Katie V brought her Pre-Runner and signed autographs for fans. 

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LA Auto Show 2018 | Savini Wheels

As soon as SEMA ends, we're already gearing up for the LA Auto Show and this year's showcase was lit! Held from November 30 through December 9th aht the LA Convention Center, we made sure to bring the heat to the biggest local car show of the year. We had a few rides located in "The Garage" section of the show, which is where car culture thrives. Here, guests were able to check out exciting collections of notable tuners, customized exotics and aftermarket goods and services. We were inside the DUB LIVE! area and brought out the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Aventador limited edition by LTMW x Impressive (which was a favorite at SEMA), Liberty Walk BMW i8 by Impressive Wrap, Liberty Walk GT-R Type II by Doczilla and the Old New Porsche 996 by LTMW by LTMW - all sitting pretty on Savini Wheels! The widebody Ford Mustang by CGS Performance was featured in the Ford display on Savini Wheels (check out the video below) and a favorite by many. And we can't forget the Monster Ford on GRID Off-Road Wheels.  It was a great turnout and we're excited for next year's show. Now we're headed into 2019 and ready to take show season by storm!

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